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Andrew Mueller is a contributing editor at Monocle in London, and host of Monocle 24’s The Foreign Desk. He is the author of four books, most recently Carn, an acclaimed historiography of Australian Rules football.

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11 May 2023
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9 min read

How to evict a troublemaking titan from your football club Close Reads

For years, Jeff Kennett ruled Hawthorn Football Club like he’d once ruled Victoria. Then along came a challenger trained in the art of political storytelling.

7 min read

“Is this thing working?”: How Zelensky borrowed from comedy to capture the world’s attention Close Reads

Before he was president of a country under siege, Volodymyr Zelensky was a comedian. Has he transferred the skills he learned on the comedy circuit to the diplomatic stage?

7 read

Why country songs are the tabloid journalism of music (and tabloid journalism is the country music of news) Close Reads Art & Science

They're often derided for their ‘so bad they’re good’ wordplay. But there’s a skill to crafting the perfect country song title—and journalists would do well to take note.

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