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Ben Hart is the founder of Fireside, a storytelling-led communications agency. He is also a former journalist, with bylines in The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and ABC Life.

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8 Dec 2022
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Want to convince people to do something? Try Marshall Ganz’s simple storytelling technique. How To

His methods helped get Barak Obama into the White House. And they can help you, too.

Ben Hart


5 min read

Feeling overwhelmed by the climate debate? You’re not alone—and that’s good news. Profiles For Good

Leading climate communicator Claire O’Rourke is convinced that telling stories of togetherness is the way to get us out of the climate mess we’re in.

Ben Hart


2 read

What not to do when a journalist asks if you’re racist How To

Step one: don't be racist. Step two: follow the rest of these steps.

Ben Hart


Why Australia needs more Indigenous-told stories Podcast

Rhianna Patrick knows the difference between Indigenous and non-Indigenous storytelling. White people would do well to know it too.

Ben Hart


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