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31 Aug 2023
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Why is the left so bad at talking about the climate crisis?

Why has the environmental movement struggled to persuade the community to act on climate change? And what can we do to turn things around? Story publisher Ben Hart answers all these questions and more on the Socially Democratic podcast. Listen here.

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2 min read

Oxfam and the quest to find a climate story that connects

The not-for-profit needed a narrative to help its supporters draw a link between climate change and disadvantage in developing countries. Fireside helped them do it.

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1 min read

Claire O’Rourke says stories of hope can save us from a climate disaster

The environmental communicator says if we're going to stop climate change, first we need to change the way we talk about it.

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Van Badham on QAnon and the power of narrative persuasion

The Guardian columnist talks conspiracy theories, the state of modern political discourse, and why it’s not enough to counter fake news with facts.

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3 min read

How Andrew Mueller pulled off one of the most interesting careers in journalism

The rock critic-turned-foreign correspondent reflects on a wild career—and shares his tips for those just starting out.

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ABC journo Dan Ziffer turns boring into interesting

The subtle art of getting people to pay attention to things they’d rather not.

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How narrative is transforming political campaigns

Stephen Donnelly watched Obama use storytelling to win the US election. What happened next could change the course of Australian politics.

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How Sarah Dolan made one of Australia’s most successful podcasts

Just because you don’t know what a podcast is doesn’t mean you can’t make one.

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Rewriting the story of pop's greatest hitmakers

They dominated the charts for years, but the songwriting trio behind Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley were never taken seriously. Podcaster Matthew Denby is here to correct the record.

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Mick Warner goes up against the biggest story in town

Mick Warner tells the stories the AFL would rather keep behind closed doors.

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Why Australia needs more Indigenous-told stories

Rhianna Patrick knows the difference between Indigenous and non-Indigenous storytelling. White people would do well to know it too.

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