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Chris Harrigan is the editor of The Story, and the former editor of Smith Journal. His freelance writing has appeared in frankie, Junkee, The Lifted Brow and The Age. He lives and works in Melbourne and on the internet.

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9 May 2024
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8 min read

The best music to write to (according to writers who listen to music while they write) Art & Science

Classical. Motown. Mambo No. 5? Six authors on the music that keeps their words flowing.

10 min read

5 WEIRD tricks the world’s MOST POPULAR YouTuber uses to GO INSANELY VIRAL How To

MrBeast makes bad content that people can’t stop watching. And—knowingly or not—he uses these five psychological strategies to do it.

7 min read

The digital media experiment is over. What comes next? Close Reads

They were the beloved upstarts of the millennial era. Now publications like BuzzFeed and Vice are the ones being disrupted. Where did the dream of the 2010s go wrong?

4 min read

What readers hate about books, according to 'The Washington Post' Art & Science

Dreams, italics, the word “lugubrious”—here’s everything America’s newspaper of record wants writers to stop writing.

3 min read

Would your dream like fries with that? How marketers are coming for your dreams Art & Science

Advertisers want to insert commercials into your dreams. And according to this group of scientists, they're pretty close to having the tech to do it.

7 min read

In this hundred-storey building, telling tales is much more than child’s play For Good

At a children’s centre in Melbourne’s west, educators are getting kids ready for the future by teaching storytelling as a core life skill.

5 min read

12 steps for making “iconic” TV shows, according to noted storytelling genius Jeff Bezos How To Art & Science Close Reads

The bazillionaire once listed a dozen storytelling elements every Amazon TV show had to include. They say more about our obsession with rules than they do about making good TV.

8 min read

Battle of the brands: how today’s politicians are sold as products on a shelf Art & Science Close Reads How To

If Labor versus Liberal sometimes feels like Campbell’s Soup verus Heinz, that’s no accident.

4 read

Four storytelling tips from Robert McKee How To

The screenwriting guru dispensed plenty of advice in a recent interview. Here are a few of our favourite kernels of wisdom.

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