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9 May 2024
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Want to save the world? The ‘Robin Hood of public relations’ has some ideas.

Conservatives have long dominated the political battlefield with simple slogans (and simpler thinking). PR legend David Fenton says it's time the left did the same.

Luke Ryan


7 min read

India’s street kids were tired of being ignored. So they started a newspaper.

Their reporting on police brutality, malnutrition and child labour has changed lives. The newspaper they work for has changed theirs.

9 min read

The climate communications problem and how to fix it

With the world simultaneously on fire and underwater, it feels like the climate catastrophe should be all we’re talking about. It’s not. Now, new research explains how we might better engage a confused and avoidant public.

1 min read

Why is the left so bad at talking about the climate crisis?

Why has the environmental movement struggled to persuade the community to act on climate change? And what can we do to turn things around? Story publisher Ben Hart answers all these questions and more on the Socially Democratic podcast. Listen here.

The Story


1 min read

Claire O’Rourke says stories of hope can save us from a climate disaster

The environmental communicator says if we're going to stop climate change, first we need to change the way we talk about it.

The Story


5 min read

Feeling overwhelmed by the climate debate? You’re not alone—and that’s good news.

Leading climate communicator Claire O’Rourke is convinced that telling stories of togetherness is the way to get us out of the climate mess we’re in.

Ben Hart


7 min read

In this hundred-storey building, telling tales is much more than child’s play

At a children’s centre in Melbourne’s west, educators are getting kids ready for the future by teaching storytelling as a core life skill.

9 min read

The climate is changing. Science fiction is too.

The climate crisis has sparked its own literary genre. Is it just morbid entertainment, or could ‘cli-fi’ actually help us avert disaster?

7 min read

How to lose friends and influence people

Has Grace Tame’s refusal to bargain with power changed the rules around public advocacy in Australia?

10 min read

How to vaccinate an island, according to science

To build trust in COVID vaccines, the island of Jersey turned to behavioural scientist Steve J. Martin. His advice? Use language, not logic.

6 read

The dark side of happy ever after

The media is slowly abandoning the doom-and-gloom cliches associated with mental illness. But do the alternative narratives fall into the same trap?

Jill Stark


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