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11 Jan 2024
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5 WEIRD tricks the world’s MOST POPULAR YouTuber uses to GO INSANELY VIRAL

MrBeast makes bad content that people can’t stop watching. And—knowingly or not—he uses these five psychological strategies to do it.

10 min read

Getting sh*t done with Benjamin Law and Leigh Sales

The two journos talk about getting paid in CDs, encouraging public figures to talk about sex and death, phone taps and writing to make sense of the mess.

7 min read

Want to win your next dinner party (or boardroom) argument? Follow this 6-step TED Talk structure

After ghostwriting over 20 TED Talks, Kate Follington knows a thing or two (or six) about the art of persuasion. Here’s her guide to changing minds and influencing people in 18 minutes or less.

3 min read

Want to convince people to do something? Try Marshall Ganz’s simple storytelling technique.

His methods helped get Barack Obama into the White House. And they can help you, too.

Ben Hart


6 min read

So you’ve been fired. Here’s how not to post about it on LinkedIn.

Can you post about being laid off without seeming like an unhinged automaton? Comedian Patrick Marlborough investigates the strange, relentlessly happy phenomenon of being fired in the age of LinkedIn.

9 min read

How to bring down a government using numbers

Reporters tend to prefer words. But as award-winning data journalist Jack Kerr explains, sometimes a simple spreadsheet and a graph are all you need to make headlines.

Jack Kerr


9 min read

What I learned about storytelling after reading every Jack Reacher novel in a year

When the world shut down, writer Fleur Macdonald sought distraction in the 26 paperback books of Lee Child. She came for the punch-ups. She left with a masterclass in fiction writing.

2 read

What not to do when a journalist asks if you’re racist

Step one: don't be racist. Step two: follow the rest of these steps.

Ben Hart


5 min read

12 steps for making “iconic” TV shows, according to noted storytelling genius Jeff Bezos

The bazillionaire once listed a dozen storytelling elements every Amazon TV show had to include. They say more about our obsession with rules than they do about making good TV.

8 min read

Battle of the brands: how today’s politicians are sold as products on a shelf

If Labor versus Liberal sometimes feels like Campbell’s Soup verus Heinz, that’s no accident.

4 read

Four storytelling tips from Robert McKee

The screenwriting guru dispensed plenty of advice in a recent interview. Here are a few of our favourite kernels of wisdom.

10 read

Clementine Ford on writing through the fear

The three-time author speaks about running, putting pen to paper and ignoring your self-doubt.

2 read

ABC journo Dan Ziffer turns boring into interesting

The subtle art of getting people to pay attention to things they’d rather not.

The Story


6 read

Rachel Withers finds the daily story in Canberra’s hourly insanity

The editor of The Monthly's politics newsletter covers the day's political narratives without buying into them.

4 read

Four TED Talks that will make you a better storyteller

Got an internet connection? You got yourself a crash course in storytelling, care of these wisdom-imparting videos.

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